Safety and Environment

Covid Protocols

All covid protocols will be followed before embarking the boat

Life Jackets and Instructions

Before the commencement of the safaris, a safety briefing will be provided and life jackets for each passenger will be indicated for easy reach

Safety Boat

A safety boat manned by a coxswain is within the vicinity and rapid reach in case of any emergency

Radio Communication

The safaris will be monitored by radio communication


Passengers are covered by insurance

No Smoking

No Smoking will be permitted on Board for safety

The Environment

Running a clean motor

We will change Change fuel filters and keep our boat’s motor tuned and serviced regularly to ensure it’s running efficiently and cleanly. We are also operating a electronic fuel injection four-stroke outboards since they are considerably more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly. A four stroke is also quieter, smoother and easier to use.

Cutting the Idle

Idling our boat’s motor unnecessarily chews through fuel, so whenever possible, we will cut the motor and enjoy the silence.


The Boats will be fuelled at the dock,and not while moving on water; We checking how much petrol the tank can contain in order to be avoid filling it excessively; There will prior checks that that there are no spills or fractures in the tank and jerry before leaving

Wake Tides

Reducing the speed of the boat when approaching the jetty to avoid wake damage to the shore line

Waste and Garbage

All waste materials and garbage will be removed and deposed in a responsible manner


Continuous training of crew and personnel in environmental matters and best practice methods.

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