Boat Safaris at Lake Nakuru National Park

Cliff Boat Safaris takes you on a discovery tour through the rich bird sanctuary, dramatic scenery and ever-changing landscape of Lake Nakuru National Park.


The Experience

Embark on a luxury expedition at the lake Nakuru National Park with the Cliff Boat Safaris.

Premier Photographic Safaris

We go places no-one else goes. Journey deep into the lake as you experience the true beauty of Lake Nakuru for your Premier photographic experience.


What to see and do



Lake Nakuru National Park is renowned as a bird sanctuary with over 400 bird species, including huge flocks of flamingoes and many other water birds. It is an excellent park for wildlife spotting and is home to many water-loving animals such as hippos and waterbucks.


Wildlife & Birdlife

Bird watching: - Enjoy the fabulous water birds and other bird species. The best place to view the birds is from Baboon Cliff, where you get an excellent view over the lake, and the wonderful spectacle of pink flamingoes along its edge. However, the number of birds in the park fluctuates as food conditions change, so check the bird population with the national park before making the journey.

Wildlife: - See the endangered white rhinos and other animals including waterbucks, warthogs, hippos, impalas, buffalo, Rothschild giraffes and more.Drive through the unique vegetation and the biggest euphorbia forest in Africa.Viewpoints include Lion Hill, Baboon Cliff and Out of Africa. Visit the beautiful waterfall at Makalia.

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